Happy Anniversary: 3 Years Smava Lending

Smava.de launched 3 years ago and successfully established p2p lending in Germany. Since then about 25 million Euro (approx. 34.4 million US$) loans were funded. Smava  gained nearly all positive feedback by lenders, borrowers and especially the media. Smava will need to continue growing considerably in order to become profitable. Currently growth is limited by […]

Bankless Life Launches P2P Lending in Austria

Bankless-Life.at was launched as the first p2p lending service in Austria by the non-profit association “Von Menschen für Menschen” (engl. by humans for humans). The members-only site (membership fee is 60 Euro per year) allows borrowers with a given minimum credit score and a minimum income requirement of 1,000 EUR per month to apply for […]

2nd birthday of Smava

German p2p lending service Smava.de launched two year ago. Since the launch of Smava 1350 loans were funded for a total loan volume of about 7.9 million Euro (approx. 10.7 million US$). Lender’s viewpoint So far lenders on Smava did well. There are approx. 2500 lenders active on Smava. Despite the credit crisis, 99% of […]

Exclusive Interview: Smava expands p2p lending to Poland

Starting Jan. 7th, the German p2p lending service Smava will launch it’s p2p lending platform in Poland. I interviewed Smava CEO Alexander Artopé. The following interview was originally conducted in German language. Possible translation errors are mine. P2P-Blanking.com: Mr. Artopé, why has Smava chosen Poland as target market for the international expansion? Smava: For several […]