Pertuity Direct starts affiliate program

P2P Lending service Pertuity Direct has launched an affiliate program. The new referral marketing campaign of Pertuity Direct pays: 35 US$ for each referred completed and approved borrower application for a loan 50 US$ for each completed investor application performance incentives for websites that generate at least 5 leads per month The campaign runs at […]

Smava affiliate program launch

Last week at the end of my post on the Prosper referral program I suggested: The next step for even more growth Currently all referral programs mentioned above have one thing in common. They are open only to existing members of the p2p lending services. Assuming they are successful and the p2p lending serves are seeking opportunities to […]

Prosper referral program

Since June runs a referral program that allows Prosper members to refer new lenders or borrowers. How does it work? Prosper members are encouraged to put up text links, buttons or banners on their websites that advertise for Prosper. If someone clicks on that link, a tracking parameter included in the link format allows Prosper […]

State of Selected P2P Lending Companies

More than 2 years have passed, since published the first overview table of p2p lending companies. At that time the focus was to create a comprehensive list and to get a perspective on the loan volumes. Today I want to look at a smaller selection of p2p lending companies and do a rating on […]