Fundedbyme is now a recognized p2p lending operator in Malaysia

Scandinavia’s equity crowdfunding platform, Fundedbyme, today received recognition as one of six operators  for Peer-to-Peer crowdfunding by the Malaysian Securities Commission in the Asian region. This announcement positions Fundedbyme as the only European operator in the Asian region. The award was awarded to Fundedbyme Malaysia at the third annual SCxSC Digital Finance hosted by the Securities Commission Malaysia. Malaysian Minister of Finance, Najib Razak and SC chairman Ranjit Ajit Singh handed over the award to Fundedbyme Malaysia’s COO, Angelld Quah, and CEO Daniel Geottfert.

fundedbyme-malaysiaThe Asian region is seeing an explosion in peer-to-peer activity, particularly, and crowdfunding in general,” says Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of Fundedbyme. “Fundedbyme is strategically positioned as the bridge between Scandinavia and Asia as we early-on saw the trend of cross-border investments – in the first equity crowdfunding campaign from Malaysia,
Halal Speed Dating, we saw that 40% of investors came from Europe, which is very exciting for both Asian and European entrepreneurs,” Daboczy continues. The latest equity crowdfunding campaign from Malaysia currently on the platform, iTalent, has registered interest to join from investors in 73 different countries.

Photo: Malaysian Minister of Finance, Najib Razak and Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani handing over the award to Fundedbyme Malaysia’s COO, Angelld Quah (Source: Fundedbyme)

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2 thoughts on “Fundedbyme is now a recognized p2p lending operator in Malaysia

  1. Attn:

    Hello. My name is El Sen and I work for Securities Commission Malaysia. Hope this email finds you well.

    We saw that the word “license” was used in reference to the 6 P2P financing platform operators announced earlier today. This is incorrect as no licenses are being issued. We would like to respectfully to ask for you to change this to either “registered” or “recognised” P2P operators instead.

    You can refer to our media release from earlier:

    Also, noticed your photo caption saying that our Chairman was with the prime minister. It was actually the Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani.

    Hope you understand our position and thank you very much in advance.

    Teoh El Sen
    Securities Commission Malaysia

    • Thank you for the clarification. I have updated the article. The previously stated information was provided as is by Fundedbyme

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